stalworth construction in weatherford

About Stalworth Construction

Stalworth isn’t just a name, it is our foundation. See, we chose the name Stalworth because of it’s root meaning. Like many words they come from a merging of other words or translation to the English language. When we looked for how to be Faithful, Hardworking, Reliable, and Solid as our foundation we chose to begin with our name. We searched through hundreds of words and their synonyms when we came along Stalwart. Like us, many others wanted a great name to represent them and it was all over the place, many people were already using it for their businesses. We went deeper, further, and wider than we would like to admit.

However, we kept leaning back on the meaning of Stalwart. So we researched it more and found a name derivative of it. Stalworth Construction was born because of our desire to be Faithful first to God, then to our families, our communities we work in. Hardworking because we believe that is a way of life that benefits all of us, Reliable because we all want to know that we can rely on someone to be there for us in tough times — and it doesn’t get much tougher than spending hard earned money on our homes. Last, but not least, we wanted a Solid foundation. Our foundation and core values are how we do business everyday at Stalworth. We depend on you and when you invest in the great services, high standards, creative solutions, and professional team at Stalworth Construction, we want you to feel comfortable knowing that you have made the right choice! Contact us today for our handyman services, remodeling services, and more.

Meet The Team

Stephen Burch

Stephen is the founder, CEO and driving force of Stalworth Construction, LLC. Stephen started his construction career over 32 years ago and has actively remodeled homes for 20 of the 32 years. Stephen started Stalworth Construction in October 2017 after three years working outside the industry. However, fate had a different plan. Through family, friends, faith, and a desire to help others, Stalworth Construction was born. Since 2017, Stephen has evolved the company from small side jobs to a full business offering a wide array of construction services. His servant leadership allows his business to blossom by helping others reach their goals. All things God has placed on his heart as he helps others and builds a sense of community!

Stephen has been married to his wife, Peyton, since 2011 and has a blended family with 9 children and 16 grandchildren. In his spare time, Stephen enjoys spending time with his family as well as getting out on the water to go fishing.

Dusty Sibble

Dusty’s construction experience started in 2004 by helping his dad install insulation as well as complete small home projects. Dusty joined Stalworth Construction as the second employee on the first day of business. He enjoys connecting with clients and finds the work rewarding. Dusty is enthusiastic about the types of projects Stalworth takes on and the impact they have on their customers.

Dusty has been married to his wife, Angelica, since 2015 and they have a blended family with 6 children. In his spare time, Dusty enjoys woodworking and blacksmithing. You can find Dusty in the middle of numerous projects at any given time.

Jason Stanford

Jason began his construction career at the age of 17 as a laborer working in roofing and framing. Since then, his construction talents have grown to include a wide variety of services. As a brother to Stephen, Jason enjoys building projects together and sharing the same standards of quality, commitment and passion for customers and construction. Jason is one of the best painters Stalworth Construction has on the crew.

Jason is married to his wife Kim and has 6 children as well as 5 grandchildren. When Jason isn’t working, you can find him out fishing.

Carl Cummings

Carl started in the construction industry 35 years ago doing renovations and repair work. He has been apart of the Stalworth family since 2017 and is a master carpenter. Carl’s insight, experience and dedication have become an integral part of the success of Stalworth Construction.

Carl considers his greatest achievements to be his successful marriage and his two children. Carl spent most of his life in Virginia until two years ago when his wife said, “We’re moving to Texas! ” So here he is! During his down time, Carl enjoys fishing, woodworking and renovating his house.

Jesse Gardner

Jesse started his construction career in painting and flooring. Jesse joined Stalworth Construction in 2017 and can’t imagine doing anything else. Jesse is dedicated to helping every project succeed; He is always willing to tackle any task given to him. Jesse feels fulfilled when he gets to see the finished project and know he had a hand in it.

Jesse has been in a relationship for 7 years and has 2 kids. Jesse enjoys life by spending his free time with his family.

Wesley Stanford

Since childhood, Wesley has been a hands-on worker who is always willing to learn new talents. Wesley prides himself on building relationships with customers and seeing the project through from start to finish. Wesley enjoys the team collaboration Stalworth Construction provides.

Wesley considers his greatest accomplishment to be raising his 2 kids with his wife Nina. On his days off, Wesley enjoys relaxing with his family and fishing.