Our Process for your seamless remodel

Step 1. Fill Out Our Form

The first step is to fill out our form and include as many details as possible about your project. Please be sure to send us pictures and maybe a video as well, this will help us to see what you’re seeing and make it easier for us to understand how best to help you!

Step 2. Phone Consultation

After we receive the details of your project, we’ll give you call or schedule a phone conversation where we’ll have an open, honest discussion. We’ll discuss your project, pricing, and how we might be able to help you. We will interview each other and make sure we are a good match.

Step 3. In-Home Consultation

This is where we get to meet face-to-face and go over your project in more detail. We do this to get a better idea of your vision and to make sure there is nothing that might inhibit the project we discussed over the phone. 

Step 4. Design And Materials

Depending on the needs of your project, we walk through each phase. From tile layout to cabinet design and additional selections, we confidently build out your new space on paper and in a 3D rendition for a better, clearer understanding before we start. These details are important, allowing us to give you a firm cost for your completed project.

Step 5. Signing The Contract

This is where we’ll discuss the final aspects regarding budget, timeline, materials, and products to be used. Once we are in agreement with everything, we’ll include them in the contract and sign it.

Step 6. Project Scheduling And Start Date Set

We’ll put together a production schedule so that you’ll know when we’re starting, how long the remodel will take and when you’ll be able to enjoy your new space. Here we will introduce you to your customer portal and how we can better communicate together through the process

Step 7. Protect Your Home

We bring in our equipment and we ensure that it’s set up correctly and safely. We’ll also make sure that your house’s structure is not being affected in any way. We seal and protect other areas in your house to keep the dust, dirt, and debris to a minimum.

Step 8. Pre-Job Walkthrough

Before we start working on your project, we’ll have a walkthrough on-site and point out what’s going to happen throughout your project, so that you have no surprises on what to expect at every step.

Step 9. We Get To Work

You’ll get our many years of experience and honing of our craftsmanship to your project. Before you know it, you’ll be stepping inside your newly upgraded living space and planning for the best moments with your friends and loved ones.

Step 10. Post-Job Cleaning

As soon as our work is done, we’ll bring in our professional cleaning team and make sure that we remove any leftover materials, protective sheets, and remaining debris. Allowing you, to enjoy your new space right from the start.

Step 11. Final Job Walkthrough

Before we leave, we’ll have a final walkthrough with you to make sure everything is as it should be and functions properly. This way you’ll know that every detail has been considered and the final result is everything you imagined it would be.

Step 12. Follow-Ups

We always want to know that everything is in great shape and working properly long after our work is done. Therefore we’ll call and schedule to come to your place every 6 months for the next 2 years and check on everything personally. After those 2 years have passed, we’re still here for you in case you need help with anything related to your home.